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Image of Animated Wisecracking Insulting Parrot

Animated Wisecracking Insulting Parrot

"He's Got A Foul Mouth! If you want a cute, lovable pet, then this guy is DEFINITELY not for you! Motion-activated beak moves & his wings flap as he lets fly one of 6 rude comments whenever someone walks by. Off-color statements like ""You got a pretty...

Image of Flying Car Drone

Flying Car Drone

"6-axis gyroscope for precise hovering. 360° 3D eversion and throwing-flight functions. 4CH 2.5GHz dual-speed remote control. 100-min. charge time; 5-min. fly time. Drive AND fly indoors AND out! Your flying car is finally here! Zip around on land, then...

Image of Friesenberg Potato Head Breaking Bad

Friesenberg Potato Head Breaking Bad

"It's amazing how a few ""tweaks"" can completely disguise one's appearance! Mr. Potato Head is ""Baking Bad"" as Walter White's street-king alter ego. Comes with 8 removable parts, and ready to dump some serious carbs into the secret recipe. 5""H."

Image of Irish Whistle Kit

Irish Whistle Kit

"You don't need to know how to read music to play the Irish whistle! From lively jigs to haunting slow airs, the Irish whistle will bring endless hours of enjoyment to musicians and listeners alike. Kit includes 12"" brass whistle tuned to the key of...

Image of Jumbo Slot Machine Bank

Jumbo Slot Machine Bank

"Play this working slot machine bank and ""gamble"" with your savings. No coins are required to play, but it's more fun to put some in the bank so your change comes spilling out when you hit a jackpot combination! Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) for...

Image of Paper Flying Dragons

Paper Flying Dragons

"Why make and fly paper airplanes when you can send DRAGONS soaring through the air? Kit includes crazy-clear instructions (including what to do if your dragon ""misbehaves""), perforated card stock ""parts"" sheets for building 5 adult dragons, 6 dragon...

Image of R/C Battle Tanks

R/C Battle Tanks

"Stage your own combat scenes with R/C tanks featuring infrared battling, lights & sirens, fully rotational turrets with 360° rotation and targeting incline to 35°. 10.5"" (from rear of tank to end of cannon) x 4.5"" x 3.5"" Uses 8 AA batteries and...

Image of R/C Drone Wstreaming

R/C Drone Wstreaming

"Wi-Fi capability for streaming aerial photos & video. Streaming software compatible with Android & iPhone (manual includes download instructions). Built-in 6-axis gyroscope for precise hovering. 360° 3D eversion and throwing-flight function. Charge/flight...

Image of Solar Engine Radiometer

Solar Engine Radiometer

No electricity! No batteries! No power except light! The brighter the light, the faster it turns. Runs up to 3000 rpm. Used in science classes for experiments. Partial vacuum in glass globe where 4 vanes spin on needlepoint bearing. Spins continuously...

Image of Star Trek Light Up Mini Shuttlecraft

Star Trek Light Up Mini Shuttlecraft

"Palm-sized replica is about 2"" x 3.5"". A key component of Federation starships, the shuttlecraft was used to carry crew and cargo. Miniature light-up replica includes batteries and a 48-pg. illustrated booklet on the history of Federation starships....