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Image of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

"OMG--Call the exterminator quick! Sprinkle these plastic-shaped ""bugs"" in the bed and wait for the screams."

Image of Cigarette Stink Loads

Cigarette Stink Loads

A real stinker! Hide one in someone's cigarette and watch their surprise when they light up. Incredible stench will drive everyone from the room.

Image of Fart Extinguisher

Fart Extinguisher

"Identify who ""dealt it"" and then spray vigorously in the direction of the flatulent offender! Handy novelty air freshener in the shape of a fire extinguisher eliminates the worst of odors with its own pleasantly powerful aroma. 100ml. 6"" tall."

Image of Gummy Boobs

Gummy Boobs

Squish 'em, squeeze 'em, eat 'em! Fruit-flavored gummy candy is shaped like a set of perky breasts. Funny gift for any red-blooded man with a sweet tooth. Set of 2 boxes: each contains 5.35 oz. of candy (between 20-30 pieces).

Image of Legends Magic Kit

Legends Magic Kit

"The ultimate magic kit contains dozens of props for performing over 300 easy-to-learn professional magic tricks! Learn how to mysteriously ""print"" real money, magically produce items in empty tubes, transform objects, and more! Includes a flocked-fabric...

Image of Newtons Cradle

Newtons Cradle

"The classic desk accessory is both art-in-motion and proof of Newton's Principle that ""action and reaction are equal and opposite."" Lift one of the 5 steel balls at either end and let it swing back--the ball at the other end will swing out the same...

Image of Palmistry Hand Kit

Palmistry Hand Kit

"Palmistry is one of the oldest of the Arts of Divination. Curious to find out what the lines of Life, Health, Heart and Fate on your hand say about you? Using the included 15-page booklet and hand sculpture, you'll learn how to read people and their...

Image of Pranks In A Tin

Pranks In A Tin

"Look no further--we've got all the classic gags in one mischievous tin! Fun, retro-style tin contains a whoopee cushion, finger cuffs, a nail-through-finger prank, funny glasses, squirt ring, and hand buzzer for endless shenanigans. Tin is 5.5"" x 4""...

Image of Remote Control Fart Machine 2

Remote Control Fart Machine 2

"Our Remote Control Fart Machine 2 ""BLOWS"" our original fart machine away! With 15 louder sounds! Longer 100 ft. range! New twist-out boom box effect for increased bass and volume! Unlimited uproarious uses: Under the covers while you pretend to sleep;...

Image of Screaming Goat Kit

Screaming Goat Kit

"Why yell at your coworkers, when this little guy can do it for you? World-famous viral-video sensation stands atop his tree stump, ready to scream in traffic, at school, or in your pocket at the super market with the push of a button. 3""H with 1.75""-dia....