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Image of Dog Mess

Dog Mess

Bad dog! Should have let him out. Looks real.

Image of Joy Buzzer

Joy Buzzer

Vibrating shocker. Small hand-held instrument that simulates electric shock. Shake hands or touch somebody and it gives off a spine-tingling sensation! No batteries. Wind up spring powered motor lasts indefinately. All metal.

Image of Mini Desert Scape Globe

Mini Desert Scape Globe

Watch this tiny garden take shape before your eyes! Your plants will conform to the shape of the container and require very little care or water once they are growing. Grow 5 kinds of cactus plus desert marigold--a very low maintenance windowsill oasis!...

Image of Ukulele Instrument And Instruction Kit

Ukulele Instrument And Instruction Kit

"Everything You Need To Play In Minutes! Beginner kit will have you playing the trendy folk instrument in a few minutes. The high-quality 4-string wood instrument with nylon strings and precision tuning comes with a method book with 75 songs (plus instructions...